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  1. — Stephen A. Watters    Feb 05, 2008 21:24 PM    #

    How do we convert Americas infrastructure? 1)Gas Stations begin to store and service E.V. 2) Exxon could supply for lease E.V. per mile profit could be the same. 3) incentivize user groups, business, Ride Share co-ops.4)Job Training. 5) micro lending to groups. 6) Digital Billing, scheduling, diognostics, GPS, using cell phones.7) Plug into city lighting circuits and pay for charge public parking. Is anyone with me out there? Steve

  2. — Paul Holmes    Feb 09, 2008 23:27 PM    #

    And most importantly, we need to develop some sort of “electric socket” in homes, so we could recharge at night. But that would be literally trillions of dollars of government subsidies to make that happen. :)

  3. — PM    Mar 12, 2008 20:51 PM    #

    What a cool concept. The thing is, not only is the technology sound, but it’s actually superior to how we do things now. Hopefully the EV companies like Zap will help publicize those benefits you mention.