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  1. — Phil Feinstein    Jun 03, 2008 12:19 PM    #

    Matsushita is one of THE names in batteries in Japan. If you’ve used anything cordless by Makita, you’ve used a Matsushita battery. This is not a little thing, this is a rather big company.

  2. — James May    Jun 03, 2008 17:07 PM    #

    I’m so pleased to see the Firefly batteries available to the public. Maybe they are only a little better then existing high end AGMs but it’s an improvement. I notice from the spec sheet on this battery that Firefly are using a standard-ish positive plate and only using their Microcell™ technology on the negative plate. I expect there’s more improvement to come in the future.

  3. — Joel    Jun 05, 2008 16:13 PM    #

    I believe they are way better than AGM, they ahve way more capacity, and should last longer

  4. hypermilers    Aug 16, 2008 15:54 PM    #

    Hypermiling totally works. It is a combination of fad and good driving techniques. Not yet a household word – it should be.