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  1. — Eric    Jun 16, 2008 09:13 AM    #

    Hmm… i think the “dream car” could use a little bit of a body styling change. It might get good mileage but if it looks stupid no one is going to by one.

  2. — Phil Feinstein    Jun 16, 2008 14:39 PM    #

    That pyramid shape has “Darwin award” written all over it; Did the designer think about a vehicle hitting at high speed coming up the side directly into the passenger compartment? About the only thing that would be “Safe” from would be a Terrier or a squirrel. Anything moving faster than 30mph would be injurious to the driver.

  3. — Eric    Jun 16, 2008 18:16 PM    #

    it could make for a SWEET launching ramp for the car that hits it, or one of those nuts with a truck that’s lifted 6 feet off the ground.

  4. — Jerry    Jun 18, 2008 11:44 AM    #

    If you watch the video you’ll have even more questions about viability. When it moves it looks like it is teetering on wobbly wheels and with the low clearance I think you’d be stymied by even the smallest of potholes/speed bumps.

    Plus his claims of great mileage by switching banks of batteries seems pretty far fetched. If his packs of batteries provide 300 miles of range being switched they would also provide the same range in parallel, and it would be easier on the batteries. Part way to the 300 miles he’ll have a bunch of drained batteries sitting around, which isn’t good for long battery life.

    Unless he’s leaving the un-hooked banks at home, which means he can’t really get 300 miles on one trip.

  5. — N. Torlak    Jun 19, 2008 15:13 PM    #

    I have some high school students that are interested in converting the gasoline powered car into electric one. Do you have any suggestions on ways to obtain funding for this project?