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  1. — Phil Feinstein    Sep 21, 2007 11:21 AM    #

    I like how the existing models move at 25 to 35 MPH and the future models move at 80MPH. Looks like vaporware really is the newest trend in EVs

  2. Shaun Williams    Sep 21, 2007 17:44 PM    #

    That CBS video is a great one Jerry. I’ve decided to take off my sceptics hat and put on my excited optimist’s one instead.

    As much as I dislike the range-extender concept the Chevy Volt might just change the automotive world.

  3. — Greg Coleman    Sep 22, 2007 00:40 AM    #

    Great job and great English site.
    The car looks fine and seems to fill the job well.

  4. — James May    Sep 27, 2007 14:45 PM    #

    Hi Pietro!. Great job. You could add it EVAlbum I saw a Fiat 500 in England recently and the first thing I thuoght was what a good ev it would make!