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Improving Lithium batteries by 10x · 16 November 11

Extreme Tech has an interesting article about research done at Northwestern University using Graphene to improve upon Lithium batteries. They’ve found that a specially-crafted graphene electrode can allow a lithium-ion battery to store 10 times as much power and charge 10 times faster — and last longer, too.

“The combined effect is an anode that can store 10 times more power (30,000 mAh instead of 3,000) and 10 times the charging speed (15 minutes instead of two hours).”

“… after 150 charge/discharge cycles, is also five times more effective than any lithium-ion battery currently on the market.”

Comments 2
  1. — M.Dharanivasan    Nov 17, 2011 05:11 AM    #

    Is it available in the market. It is additional kit or to be manufacture along with battery….

  2. Jer    Nov 17, 2011 06:53 AM    #

    Nope, it’s a research project right now. No idea what it takes to bring something like this to the market and if it’s a radical change in manufacturing or something relatively straight forward. Great to see such research and strides made in battery storage!