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Pietro's Electric Fiat · 6 April 07

An update from our EV friend in Italy, Pietro Cambi.

Pietro, if you recall, is converting a Fiat 500 to an electric car. As of these photos (a week or so ago) he has taken the IC Motor out and put the new electric motor in. One of the photos below shows the pile of removed parts (look how SMALL that engine is!).

The really interesting thing about Pietro’s EV, beyond the miniscule size of the thing, is that he’s going to be putting Li-PO (Lithium Polymer) batteries in it. The 96 volt pack will provide roughly 100AH and he says it cost around $9k.

He also adds, “Truly amazin is still understament (2 c charge (200 Ampere, 98 V) and 8 c discharge as for one)

Location for new Lithium Pack Old parts
Lithium close-up Liithium Poly pack and spectators

Just to give you a sense of scale for the car, and the streets in Florence, check out his video:

And, for a sense of the service he is doing by retiring the old gas engine, check out this pre-conversion engine start.

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  1. — sarath    Apr 09, 2007 06:29 AM    #

    I am from Sri Lanka,try my best to build a electric car.I need your hlep,

  2. — Haz    May 21, 2008 16:53 PM    #

    Mint! Liking the idea of Li-Po batteries just wouldnt it be a bit of a cheaper alternative using ni-mh batteries? Or LiFePO4 unless they werent out then =S

  3. — Giri    Aug 03, 2009 23:58 PM    #

    Would it be cheaper to use lead acid batteries.Will be definitely cheaper.