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Q & A · 8 April 07

As part of our Spring housecleaning I’ve started putting together an FAQ for the site. Many of the questions come straight from my email in-box (the names have been changed to protect the innocent!).

There are ten of them posted so far, more to come. If you have corrections or questions you’d like to see added be sure to drop me an email.

EVConvert FAQs

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  1. — avy    May 06, 2007 23:49 PM    #

    I am now working on my thesis research about fuel cell car. I am searching for performance curve (speed vs power) of electric drive motor for automotive. I would like to design 20 kW fuel cell car.
    Do you have any information of websites or books related to it ?
    actually i just need the picture of that curve, if you have it can you send it to my email ?

    Thank you for your help