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Bike Forest · 25 November 05

Treadmill Bike

This isn’t a monster scooter.

Sort of…

It’s a treadmill bike. Walk or run and you power the bike. I suppose the main difference between it and walking/running is that you can coast?

And your shoes stay clean.

Which might seem a bit zany for a bike design, at least until you check out some of the other creations at Bike Forest.

Like the Hula bike.

Or the Couch bike.

Couch Bike

I can’t really do Couch Bike, or their Maritime Couchbike Adventure, full justice. You just have to click on over and read the story yourself. Be sure to check out the Couch Bike video.

The folks at Bike Forest also provide a number of interesting tools. A free, online version of Bike Cad, a parametric CAD tool for bicycle frame design. There’s a few versions customized for the type of frame (recumbant, tandem, and Hula!). If you need more control and features they sell Bike Cad Pro.

For the Napoleon Dynamite fans, check out the Treadmill Bike Sweet Jumps! video (wmv link).

If you enjoy the Couch Bike journey, you’ll probably also enjoy canoe biking.