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Bob's EV Part III · 21 August 07

Bob out for a drive

We’ve posted a few entries on Bob’s EV so far. It’s a 1957 Citroen and if you haven’t read about it and checked out the pictures, be sure to do so.

Bob’s son Jim, who’s the master welder behind the EV’s new fix-up, wrote in the comments the other day that they were using Sears Die-Hard PM-2’s for the EV. Turns out Sears also sells a PM-1 that’s essentially the same Hawker PC2150 AGM battery I’ve had my eye on for Eve. Zane and I headed down to Sears this weekend to see if they had any in stock (no, but she tried to sell me a couple “M-1’s”). We’ll order some once Eve is ready for the pack.

In the process of verifying the part # with Jim he was kind enough to send up a new batch of photos of their EV with the batteries in place. Also looks like they have a new charger.

As always, click the photos for larger versions.

Bob and Jim's EV charger

If you’ve spent any time on the golf course, or rather on the seat of a cart on the golf course, then this might be a familiar looking name. Lester has been making chargers for years, and not just for golf carts.

Bob and Jim's EV - Spring

Reinforcing spring? I’m guessing the rubber block at the bottom is to keep it from bottoming out when you hit a big Massachusetts pothole (is there any other type!)?

Bob and Jim's EV - long view of batteries

A view of the new batteries going into place from the back. The PM-1 and PM-2’s come with a threaded and regular automotive posts. Jim says they use the regular posts since they are brass plated and should work better. Nice to have a choice. Also very nice to have handles on the batteries.

Bob and Jim's EV - back batteries

A view towards the back end of the Citreon with two batteries and the back of the charger. Looks like they are using plastic or pvc pipe as a thru-hole protection for the wiring. You don’t want the high voltage wires to rub on the chassis and short out over time.

Bob and Jim's EV - front battery channel

A view towards the front. If you remember from the earlier entry Jim welded together a brand new bottom for the car, which includes a channel right down the middle for battery placement. This keeps the center of gravity low and distributes the weight nicely from front to back.

Bob and Jim's EV - cutoff switches

I could just barely make out the lettering on these switches, so maybe Jim can pitch in with more details, but I think these are the emergency cut-off switches for the battery circuit.

If you click the photo to enlarge it you’ll see the edge of the seat. This is the channel down the middle, with the batteries covered and the seat installed. The throttle pedal is on the left edge of the photo.

Thanks again to Jim for the photos and also for the battery tip. Happy EV’ing guys!

Comments 6
  1. — James May    Aug 21, 2007 13:25 PM    #

    Jim – It’s amazing that this car, built during the 70’s oil shock is revivable.
    You are going to have to paint it one day though!

  2. — jim hurst    Aug 23, 2007 07:41 AM    #

    We are just starting to think about painting now that we have those other important things like brakes,lights,glass and a top fixed up. The batteries we used were PM-2 they are the smaller cousin of the 100 amphour PM1. I wish we could have used them but the racks wont take 13 inch batteries. We logged about 200 miles on it so far.

  3. jerry Halstead    Aug 26, 2007 08:18 AM    #


    Thanks, I’ve updated the article to the right battery type.

    They look very similar. Not sure how long these links will work, but here’s the product pages at Sears: PM-1, PM-2


  4. — jim hurst    Aug 26, 2007 20:34 PM    #

    Hi, In case anyone may also want to speculate, here is a link to the enersys pc-1500. Looks to be the same battery as the PM-2 :


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