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Electronics for Dogs I · 9 October 05

Here’s the first in a series of electronics primers, presented by Zeke and his friends. Hopefully it will be useful for those who haven’t cracked open an electronics book or who have tried and failed to understand the wiring diagrams in the back of a car’s how-to manual.

If you are still confused feel free to send an email or post questions in the comments. We are all learning here.

This was created using Plasq’s Comic Life, a great little app for OS X.

Electronics for Dogs, Part I

p.s. As Dan pointed out in the comments this circuit would literally be “toast” if you were to build it and turn on the switch. LEDs need a series resistor to keep from drawing too much current and burning up. You can now buy LEDs designed for specific voltage circuits with a built-in resistor.

Now on to Electronics for Dogs Part II