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Holiday Ramblings · 8 December 06

Jetboil Java Kit

First off this post isn’t all EV related, just some of it.

I do part time web work for the folks over at Jetboil and recently put together an online store for them and thought I’d share a nice deal they are offering for the holidays. You can pick up a Jetboil Java Kit at their online store for ninety bucks. Included is, of course, the great Jetboil PCS (personal cooking system), the lightweight French Press, a sampling of coffee, and a fuel canister. As a holiday bonus you get an extra canister of fuel, free gift wrapping with card, and free shipping anywhere in the continental USA. I think this particular deal runs until the 15th and, since they ship it with fuel (i.e. ground shipping), it’s only available in the US.

p.s. I don’t make any money if you buy from them.

If anyone on your gift list is an outdoors type (camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, touring) this is an ideal gift. I use our Jetboil for long road trips as well; brewing up a cup of coffee, hot tea, or even soup in a couple minutes while pulled over at a rest stop. It was used quite a bit on the trip to and from Nebraska this year.

A Jetboil makes a great addition to your car survival kit: put it in the trunk (or boot, for James) of your car with a bag or two of ramen noodles and hot chocolate. Being able to boil water/melt snow while stranded can be a godsend.


In other news we rented Who Killed The Electric Car through Netflix the other day. Much better than I thought it would be, less of an over-to-top conspiracy flick and more of a documentary. My wife, who drove our electric car for five years, really liked it and had never heard about any of the CARB or EV1 debacle, thought it was a good show too.

Man, I almost teared up when I saw all of those pallets of EV1 batteries just going to waste…

There were a couple short segments (overly short) which dipped the proverbial toe into homemade EVs and plugin hybrids. I think the film was meant to be accessible and understandable by as wide of a ranging audience as possible, so deeper technical details were omitted.

As for our own electric car, Eve, she is still in a holding pattern on making the battery decision, which I’m not going to address until I have some time to actually deal with it. We are launching a new product at work (AlphaTrack) followed up by a trade show and maybe even a vacation, so spare time is still at a premium.

Our hybrid has been running great and is a joy to drive. I’ve started writing up some thoughts and hope to share that in the near future.

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  1. — James May    Dec 09, 2006 07:34 AM    #

    HI Jerry

    I bet it’s hard to make a battery decision when you know a new battery might burst apon the scene in the coming months or year or two. It’s a big investment in a moving technology. It’s also the most critical part of an EV.