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Joe's 280Z EV Pictures · 13 February 07

Last month saw a few in-progress pictures of Joe Porcelli’s 280Z electric conversion. Here’s a collection of follow-up pics (click to enlarge).

Zivan Charger Clutchplate Adaptor Control board left hand Control board right hand EV Motor view Fuel Door Augmented Coil Spring Pot Box with linkage Rear batteries with hold downs Vacuum Pump Top View Vacuum Switch Controller board bottom

Thanks Joe!

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  1. — Nick Smith    Feb 13, 2007 19:29 PM    #

    Just a couple of Q’s. What is the small square box above the brake master cylinder?
    Also, is the DC/DC converter an IOTA?

    Are you using the whole clutch assembly or are you direct connecting it and using the clutch plate like a rotary shock absorber?

    The layout looks quite neat – lots of room to play with up front in those rear wheel drive cars.


  2. — Joe P.    Feb 13, 2007 22:55 PM    #

    That square Gray box is a vacuum switch, to tell the vacuum pump (for the power brakes)to turn off when the vacuum reaches 18-20hg. We’re using the clutchless design, yes like a rotary shock absorber.


  3. — marvin walter    Feb 15, 2007 07:22 AM    #

    does this vehicle regenerate when the brakes are applied or when you take your foot off the accelarator. If yes does that make it hard to shift? Cause the motor would still be turning. (?)

  4. — Joe    Feb 15, 2007 12:37 PM    #

    No regeneration on this car, it is pure DC no AC

  5. — Andrew    Mar 31, 2007 21:04 PM    #

    Just wondering what motor did you choose, and voltage?

  6. — Joe    Apr 02, 2007 17:26 PM    #

    The motor is an FB1-4001a and 144 volt system.

  7. Michael    Nov 18, 2007 00:36 AM    #

    I’m curious… are there any auto shops in S. California that do these conversions? I love my ’77 280Z but would like to help save our planet.

  8. Joe    Nov 19, 2007 20:56 PM    #

    Our 280Z-EV is finished & we’ll be glad to do another.

  9. Joe    Nov 20, 2007 02:40 AM    #

    And we are in So Cal in the San Fernando Valley.

  10. Gavin Shoebridge    Nov 20, 2007 17:48 PM    #

    Joe, you wouldn’t be able to do any video recording of the sights & sounds of your EV in motion. Stopping & starting, low and higher speed etc?
    Maybe even just a minute of video on YouTube? You’d attract a LOT of attention! (and I’d be the first to comment!)


  11. Joe    Nov 21, 2007 02:45 AM    #

    It’s possible, I guess I’ll have to open a You Tube account first.

  12. Joe    Dec 13, 2007 12:31 PM    #

    Has anybody had any expierence with these batteries?

  13. Joe    Dec 13, 2007 12:42 PM    #


  14. — John Diaz    Dec 25, 2007 19:26 PM    #

    How much of a weight differnt is there to the car ?

  15. Joe    Dec 26, 2007 13:35 PM    #

    Factory curb weight is 2870 lbs., after EV conversion 3220 lbs.

  16. — Fred Rauch    Feb 08, 2008 02:56 AM    #

    Do you upgrade the stock suspension in any way to handle to extra weight?

  17. jerry Halstead    Feb 08, 2008 08:32 AM    #

    Hi Fred,
    My first EV got a set of heavier duty back springs to keep things on a level “keel”. Seemed to work nicely.

  18. — Fred Rauch    Feb 13, 2008 00:48 AM    #

    Spot on! We came to the same conclusion after a very rotund friend of mine tried sitting on the car rear. Finding some heavy springs shouldn’t be a problem.

  19. Joe    Feb 17, 2008 01:49 AM    #

    Yes, rear only 3rd pic down on the left for the 500 lbs. extra battery weight, the front batteries were about the same weight as the I.C.E engine.

  20. Joe    Feb 17, 2008 01:57 AM    #

    This project is finally finished. http://www.evalbum.com/preview.php?vid=1436
    Time to start on the next EV.

  21. — Faith    May 22, 2009 05:31 AM    #

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