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Last Gas(p) · 19 March 07

Last Gas in Gavin's EV

In case you missed it in the comments Gavin (New Zealand, right?) has picked up his donor car and has started the process of his first electric car conversion.

Here’s a couple youtube videos from Gavin & company. He has wisely enlisted the help of friends…especially for engine removal.

Video #1, picking up the donor and trying to get it up the steep driveway.

Car in garage, time for a step-by-step and part-by-part engine removal.

Thanks for sharing, Gavin. We’re all looking forward to hearing and seeing more of your EV conversion.

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  1. Eduardo K.    Mar 19, 2007 14:49 PM    #

    Ouch! The engine might me ok though. You should be able to exchange it for a gearbox :)

  2. — Gavin Shoebridge    Mar 20, 2007 04:28 AM    #

    Hey I’m famous!
    Hehe, it was quite a shock finding that hole in the gearbox. You’re right, the engine might be ok after all… Too bad it’s in pieces – and I’m not good with jigsaw puzzles… :)

    I’m currently attacking the bodywork, fixing rust and touching up things – and making many mistakes. I’m recording it all so stay tuned!

  3. — Nick Smith    Mar 20, 2007 08:47 AM    #

    Hi Gavin

    Posted reply to you in another section but maybe you didn’t see it.
    Email me on ankh@paradise.net.nz – I may be able to help out with info etc.

    Cheers, Nick Smith (auckland)

  4. — Dan P.    Mar 20, 2007 11:36 AM    #

    Great seeing the work in progress; I especially liked your film editing technique with the cold black stuff out and the hot black stuff that goes in you part.

    You could see if a transmission shop might give you anything for your old gearbox since they must deal with someone that takes the old cores for the aluminum case.

  5. — Richard (Florida)    Mar 20, 2007 12:19 PM    #

    Hi Gavin, I love you recording of the process. Fantastic. Keep it up.

  6. Gavin Shoebridge    Mar 20, 2007 15:54 PM    #

    Thanks Nick, Dan & Richard!
    I’m still working on it. My fingers are black & grey from all the primer, filler and mismatching “Mitsubishi” paint in a can.

  7. — Joel    Mar 21, 2007 13:31 PM    #

    IT seems your Diferential Exploded. IF you reall wantto go cheap you can replace this part of the trasmission, a Trasmission mechanic can fix it, and weld the piece of aluminum that came out. however, since its an old car, junkyards are full of them and its probably just as cheap to buy a new one I guess. Whoever broke that either forgot transmissions use oil, or gave the car a very bad agressive driving

  8. — Todd Garner (North Carolina,USA)    Mar 22, 2007 00:02 AM    #

    Exciting! I’ll be bringing home my “donor” Porsche soon. Thank you for helping lead the way.

  9. — Dan P.    Mar 22, 2007 02:38 AM    #

    Wish List:
    1.) De Lorean DMC-12 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DMC-12 with two TransWarP 11’s driving the rear wheels to 88+mph.
    2.) Invent Mr. Fission to generate the 1.21 Gigawats of electricity to power them.
    3.) Fluxting Flux Capacitor because it looks cool & Doc. Brown had one.

  10. Gavin Shoebridge    Mar 30, 2007 16:06 PM    #

    For those of you who have too much spare time, I’ve uploaded the third video in the EV Conversion series – the Painting video.

    Bit of a disaster but it could have been worse I guess!

    It’s at www.KiwiEV.com

  11. — Dan P.    Apr 10, 2007 06:50 AM    #

    Hey Gavin,

    It looks good from what I can see here in Maine! I think you have a budding artist hidden within.

    How did you make out with the transaxle? Thought I would throw that word out there since you mentioned you had never heard the term before. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transaxle

  12. Gavin Shoebridge    Apr 10, 2007 16:44 PM    #

    Interesting! I just checked it out on that link.
    The bank called last night to say “Go get that motor for your EV you little scallywag”.

    Obviously that wasn’t quoted word for word but you get the idea…

    I’m going to the bank in a few minutes to sign some paperwork and then I’ll arrange a transfer to EVA.
    I’m one excited little kiwi at the moment!

  13. jerry Halstead    Apr 10, 2007 18:04 PM    #

    Nice work, Gavin. I don’t think the pros are typically working within the same budget constraints that you are. ":^)

    Also, congrats on getting the loan (and the impending wedding)!


    p.s. to make your links clickable, just type it like this:

    (p.s. I escaped the quotes so you can see the formula)

  14. — glen    May 15, 2009 14:04 PM    #

    see a car i designed a couple of years ago at dixiehybrid.com it is a bio-diesel hybrid ev