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  1. — James May    Jan 15, 2007 08:21 AM    #

    Hello Jerry.

    What brilliant links this week! I love the forkenswift video. Looks like it’s going really well for Darin. The open source energy site is really interesting as well. Future energy resources are a major concern of mine and I spend quite a lot of time reading around the subject. THe NYT article however, has disappeared behind a firewall.

  2. darin    Jan 15, 2007 11:01 AM    #

    James: re firewalls – have you seen http://bugmenot.com ?

  3. — James May    Jan 16, 2007 08:38 AM    #

    Thanks Darin, The site recommends Firefox. I do use Firefox, on 64 bit Kubuntu Linux at home.

  4. — Garry    Mar 05, 2007 19:57 PM    #

    The article on electric companies and metering hides out of control electic utilities. These minute by minute meters seek to charge you different rates for your electric without any control or explanation. The US electrical grid should not be for profit. It should be designed, developed, and maintained to benefit America as a nation, not to benefit the electric company. The article from my reading is selling the allure of saving electric costs by charging you by the minute at rates the utilities set arbitrarily, like the price of gasoline. I don’t want my electric priced like a commodity thank you. There is absolutely no reason why electric utilities should be private or for profit. I see this no differently than our nation’s interstate system. It is in the nation’s best interests to make sure that electrical power is available at a very reasonable price to encourage growth. The deregulation of electric utilities will be seen (actually already is where it has happened) as total betrayal of public trust and a means to extort $ from its customers who have little or no consumer rights.