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  1. — JohnG    Jan 15, 2006 10:42 AM    #
    I could not agree more that the actual economy of hybrid vehicles is not the real issue, but that what is not being done to improve overall efficiency of all vehicles is.

    When you consider the mandated use of “Oxygenated gasoline”, which will reduce efficiency of many vehicles, in a mis-guided attempt to reduce emissions the whole situation becomes almost laughable. The EPA and congress refuse to increase CAFE standards, while at the same time mandating the use of economy reducing fuels.

    What the EPA should be doing is establishing an accurate drive-cycle test for urban, rural, and combined trips. Then they should apply those ratings to ALL vehicles sold in the USA by a manufacturer that meet the following criteria: – Vehicles with a seating capacity of between 2 and 9 persons, that are not built licensed, or registared, as a “commercial motor vehicle”.