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  1. — Ed Cochran    Jan 24, 2006 14:51 PM    #
    the U 2100 battery is $2400.00 and the large U 2700 is $2600.00 per battery. This is the kind of battery performance i am looking for to make the EV truck i am mking work not only for short hauls but as a real replacement for the gasoline powered vehicle that I have.
  2. jcwinnie    Jan 24, 2006 15:42 PM    #
    Obviously, Jer, you were NOT on the A List for today’s Plug-in American Campaign Kickoff.

    P.S. Neither was I.
  3. Jerry Halstead    Jan 25, 2006 08:37 AM    #
    We are not worthy! ”:^)

    Here’s the video webcasts from the event kickoff.
  4. jcwinnie    Jan 25, 2006 19:36 PM    #
    Thanks for da link, Beavis. I had yet to see the press conference. The way it started, I thought, “These good ole boys need to get their stuff together.” By the end, I was standing up, saying “Yes, yes” to the computer screen. Since much of the info was familiar, I took away three two, no, three things:
    1. Petroleum displacement—they were serving notice to the “oil patch” that, in the interest of our national security and the global environment, things must change
    2. They are agreed to support development of a plug-in, flex-fuel, hybrid electric vehicle without chauvinism, in other words if Toyota or Ssang-Yong, whoever can answer the demand, it will receive endorsement
    3. These very bright people have few illusions; they see a grassroots “political” approach as the most expedient way to accomplish their stated goals since major players hold the “trump card”, i.e., introducing technology and thwarting start-up efforts, then again crushing their EV1s. As Professor Fate stated, the possible ventures are in component development.