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Comments 2
  1. — JohnG    Feb 14, 2006 20:24 PM    #
    The TRW system looks like it will closely mirror what Wabco already produces for the MD truck markets which uses electric motors to build and maintain a reservoir of hydraulic pressure which is then proportionally applied based on driver signals.

    Also, Wabco offers “Brake-by-wire” technology for the European truck market in their air brake products. This system integrates ABS and “normal” braking into a single system. It decreases stopping distances, and reduces the leakage inherant with any air type brake system.
  2. Shaun    Feb 15, 2006 05:53 AM    #
    These people are getting good info from these forums. I wish the “EV List” would jump into the 21st century and use these forum styles, much more practical for the reader.