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  1. — Richard    Mar 02, 2006 18:17 PM    #

    Hey Jerry, great article. please make this available on your references. One question, does this work for all batteries? Even my deep cycle marine trolling motor batteries?

  2. Jerry Halstead    Mar 03, 2006 11:44 AM    #

    Lead acid batteries all have the same components, but the construction will differ. For example the L16 batteries have very heavy duty plates and at the bottom of the cells there is probably much more clearance for things to settle and accumulate without touching the bottom of the plates.

    I once rejuvenated a standard car battery by dumping out the acid, rinsing the inside vigorously with water, and replacing the acid. I suspect it had sediment shorting out some of the cells.

    It was messy, nasty work and I suspect that I just got lucky.

    Never tried or heard of the approach in the article and not sure how applicable it might be to batteries worn out in EV applications.

  3. — james e    Mar 05, 2006 05:55 AM    #

    Jerry, tell us what you think about this product. http://www.battery-max.com/

  4. Jerry Halstead    Mar 06, 2006 13:00 PM    #

    Hi James,

    No idea. There’s quite a few battery boosting products out there and really the only way to know is finding a number of folks who have tried them or a reputable site that has reviewed it.