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  1. — Kendall    Mar 12, 2006 20:49 PM    #

    The Braking in plain english article is really informative! I’m planning to build a three-wheeler someday and this gives me the tools to be able to put the proper size brakes on the vehicle.

  2. — DanP    Nov 03, 2008 07:09 AM    #

    I came across this article and thought it might be useful for those who are modifying their brakes or having issues due the increased weight.

  3. — James May    Nov 03, 2008 18:32 PM    #

    Hi Dan,

    That’s really interesting. I was just fiddling with my brakes today. I’m intending to fit fast road pads to just help with the extra weight. That’ll move the bias to the front. There are large caliper kits available for my car as well, which will move the bias even further. Whilst having the “MOT” British safety test today I noted that my brake bias is currently around 85% front, 15% rear.

  4. — DanP    Nov 06, 2008 07:50 AM    #

    Hi James,

    Let us know how that works out.

    As far as I know; changing brake pads and rotors only help dissipates the heat that is generated under heavy braking but doesn’t alter the proportional pressure being applied.