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  1. — James May    Mar 17, 2006 09:50 AM    #

    Re the quiet car risks: people can hear my the clicking of contactors (giant relays) and the electric brake pump. What a silly thing to be worried about, too quiet! Next they’ll be saying EVs are too efficient!

  2. — Dan    Mar 17, 2006 22:14 PM    #

    Too quiet? Sure thing Elmer (oh, wait, that’s the VeeP)...

    Maybe we should make them beep constantly really loud, and have flashing strobes, ... and be huge, and stink too. :)

  3. Jerry Halstead    Mar 20, 2006 18:33 PM    #

    That’s probably why the curtis controller has a “whistle” when it is being operated at low current. It’s annoying and unnecessary. It would be like requiring all gas vehicles to idle above 1500 so they can always be heard.

  4. — Dan    Mar 20, 2006 20:21 PM    #

    I think you may be onto something. It’s a way to make detroit SUVs competitive again: require that all cars waste colossal amounts of gas. :)

  5. — EVdude    Aug 02, 2008 01:33 AM    #

    I understand what they are saying. they are saying that 2 regular ICE cars pull up to a 4 way and are facing each other. both want to turn down the same road. One driver is too busy texting to watch the other driver. they both go at the same time and the one texting hears(not really because i drive a car with custom soundproof insulation and can’t even hear a cops siren well unless my windows are down(i keep them down all the time))the other car taking off and stops to wait on him. now the same scenario but with the other driver(not the one texting) is in a hybrid that is running on battery power. they both take off and the texter(for lack of a better word) doesn’t hear the hybrid and the hybrid driver doesn’t pay attention to the texter. the crash into each other and both drivers die instantly. Then out of nowhere a big rig comes barreling along at twice the speed limit. He hits the wrecked cars and flips over and spills a load of gas. a spark ignites the gas and creates a fireball that blinds two more bigrig drivers. both of them crash and a load of twinkies and paper towels and rubber ducks and bologna spills all over the place. My fat aunt(i hate her for trying to steal my identity and she got away with the attempt but i figured it out on time and stopped her but the police didn’t press charges) runs after the twinkies and slips on the rubber ducks. this causes a giant earthquake that runs 100+ cars off the road and all of the drivers are sent to the hospital. my aunt tries to get up and her fat squashes a helpless deer and the parents attack several people trying to get to their baby. they fall down a giant pit and die of starvation.

    Just for clarification this did NOT (NOT) repeat did NOT happen but was just for a demonstration of how absurd some people can be when it comes to them losing hundreds of billions of dollars a week(ahem, oil company executives(not all of them, just a handful)).