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  1. — Jerry Hood    Apr 06, 2006 10:38 AM    #

    I looked at all the photo’s on rebuilding electric motors. No way that I would attempt to rebuild one. I have rebuilt the older gas engines and understand what makes them work but the electrical part blows my mind. Oh I can wire up what needs to be but the inter workings I cain’t understand. I am just thankful for what I do have knowlege of. Jerry I do thank you for all the links you have posted. I look forward each time I get on the computer to take a look.
    Jerry Hood
    Young Harris, GA

  2. Jerry Halstead    Apr 07, 2006 09:03 AM    #

    Hi Jerry,

    Well, it might be nice to try it on a motor that you don’t have to depend on, but I bet you’d do fine rebuilding one of these. Electric motors are pretty straightforward: no microchips or even passive electronic parts. Just a blending of mechanical and electromagnetic parts with tolerances that probably aren’t any tighter than what you’d find in a gas engine.