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  1. jcwinnie    Jun 06, 2006 11:42 AM    #


    That’s “Valence”, as in “I really get a charge from your site” rather than “Valance”, as in “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.”

    BTW: Isn’t Lust one of the Seven Baddies?

  2. — Nick Smith    Jun 06, 2006 17:24 PM    #

    When it comes to tasty batteries, I think Greed & Envy apply too.

    I am having a bit of trouble getting over Sloth & Gluttony myself.

  3. Jerry Halstead    Jun 07, 2006 20:12 PM    #

    You might end up committing some other sins in the process of trying to acquire them.

    I just got a quote for the U24-12XP (PDF) 100Ah 12.8v Lithium battery:

    $1,500 (each)

    A 120volt system will set you back fifteen grand.

    Back to lead…