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  1. — Nate Penn    Jul 23, 2006 22:49 PM    #

    I just checked out who killed the electric car with a friend who didn’t know much about EVs, and he asked a great question that I can’t answer: As Lithium Ion batteries get older, does the charge last as long as it did when it was new?

  2. Joe    Jul 24, 2006 02:17 AM    #

    Possible answer here:

  3. hybrid cars    Jul 29, 2006 19:37 PM    #

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  4. — matt    Aug 16, 2006 17:51 PM    #

    if you look at all of the pictures…it shows what is behind the gas cap…shows the electrical charger and someone plugging it in. just fyi.

  5. — noel    Aug 31, 2006 14:45 PM    #

    I have a 2.5 mile commute over relatively flat ground. Can an electric golf car motor/batteries/ controllers etc. convert my 1996 Saturn. I dont need to go faster than 20 MPH?

  6. — james    Aug 31, 2006 17:32 PM    #

    Helloooooo,......Jerry…... are you still there? we all miss your input and comments

  7. — James May    Sep 01, 2006 08:58 AM    #

    Hi Noel.

    I think the internals from electric golf cart will be too lightweight for your Saturn. Even at 20 MPH. I think it just might never pull off on an incline. Have you looked at the conversions link on this site? the Yugo is a low cost low power solution but it a very light vehicle. Anyone else want to pitch in on advice for Noel?

  8. Used Car Parts Man    Oct 10, 2006 01:04 AM    #

    Watched a very interesting review on the G Wiz electric car last night. Tim Lovejoy from Channel 5’s Fifth Gear took to the streets of London to see if the £7,000 G Wiz was a practical enough vehicle. He found it wasn’t much use for taking the kids to school as it was a little on the small side for the children in the back but was adequate enough to get him self and his golf clubs in, so not too bad I suppose.

    It is reckoned that the £7,000 price tag for the car will pay for its self within 1 year due to the car being exempt from the congestion charge, road tax, and can be parked for free in central London. The top speed of the car is just 40 mph and can travel for 40 miles on a single charge. In my eyes this is perfected for anyone living in the central of London.

  9. — James May    Oct 10, 2006 07:31 AM    #

    Hi Used-Car-Parts-Man

    I live in Coventry. I did look at the G-Wiz but settled on a GBP4000 (incl.) new batteries 2nd hand converted Rover Metro. It is featured on this site under conversions. I just thought the G-Wiz would be too slow for me. I think there are 500 plus out there so people are buying them. They use Golf cart batteries I think. A 48V pack so half the size of my 96V pack. It’s half the car so it’s probably OK. I have been dreaming lately about replacing my controller. Changing the Zapi H2 for a Zilla 1K. Apparently that would give me a considerable boost in performance without stressing the batteries any more. Maybe the controller in the G-Wiz is a good one and gives the car some torque.
    Incidentally I used a used car parts service, Breakerlink. I found the service to be very good.

  10. Used Car Parts    Oct 22, 2006 03:42 AM    #

    How far can you travel on a full charge James?

  11. — James May    Oct 22, 2006 10:25 AM    #

    thirty to forty miles I think depending on speed chosen. If you are in Coventry anytime you can look me up. Mine is a budget EV and just has the basic lead acid batteries. It limits the range.

  12. — Dan P    Oct 27, 2006 07:19 AM    #

    Hello and welcome back Jerry.
    Per the request from James May for noel; Maine has indorsed legislation for “LSV’s” to operate on the road ways.
    I have seen these running around and you can build them up with options such as doors and heat so not to make the short trip to uncomfortable in the snowy North Country. This of course is coming from one who has owed five VW Bugs which should have come with the internal windshield ice scraper!
    For an investment instead of depreciating the Saturn you might want to think of replacing it all together.
    My two cents.

  13. — paul    Oct 29, 2006 23:21 PM    #

    I don’t have the time to convert a car nor the money to afford a road worthy ele. car. Would it be possible to buy a LSV and upgrade the controller and motor to achieve a faster operating speed?