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Comments 2
  1. Chris Robison    Jan 12, 2006 22:24 PM    #
    Your link makes it appear that Ariel is building an electric version of the gas-powered Atom. Is this true? I can’t find any information on that anywhere, including the page you linked to.

    Are you talking about the Wrightspeed X1 ? It’s NOT an Atom and it’s not from Ariel; it’s a different car based on the same body and the AC Propulsion drive system. Unfortunate in my opinion that they chose to build off of the chassis of such a unique world-class car, with which it could only be unfavorably compared by those looking strictly at performance. Better I think, had it been an original design.
  2. Jerry Halstead    Jan 12, 2006 22:37 PM    #
    The article says, “The Ariel Atom’s design is licensed from the British Ariel Motor Car Co. but future models are designed in-house by Brian Wismann, a 25-year-old veteran of Daytona race car body designing, hired from North Carolina, and engineer Michael Sorensen, a local resident who fashions the mechanics of the vehicles.”

    I couldn’t find a link to these guy’s “point-n-click” store to buy these (don’t you hate new stories that don’t post URLs?) so that’s why I posted to the Ariel site.