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  1. — James May    Aug 26, 2008 19:04 PM    #

    Great links, Jerry!

    I had not heard about the open-source EV project for a Honda Civic before. That sounds interesting.

    Good to see Bob Hurst’s Citroen looking so well again!

  2. — EVdude    Aug 26, 2008 21:49 PM    #


    if your reading this then i have a possible problem to report with the sight. i entered my car specs(with projected Cd and other stuff) on the EV calculator and it said that if i drive 90 mph then i could go 600 miles on 4 72volt packs of Sealed Lead Acid batteries. i doubt it and i think that it needs to be updated for more real world driving if possible. if you want me to leave you my exact specs then i will.

    thanks in advance,

  3. Jerry    Aug 27, 2008 21:29 PM    #

    Sure thing, send along your calculator setup to jerry at evconvert.com and I“ll take a look at it. It’s certainly possible for it to get mixed up!

  4. — EVdude    Aug 28, 2008 21:13 PM    #

    ok i’ll send it to you this coming sunday because tomorrow i have school and saturday i am busy with our local annual West Point, mississippi prairie arts festival and will be working there all day.

  5. John T    Sep 20, 2008 14:58 PM    #

    New thread suggestion – Plug-in Cars Available today.

    Type in “plugin electric car buyers guide” in Google and report on what you find … that’s what my friends and I want to see.

    Look at electric-cars-today.com
    Hey you guys need to read this new plugin guide just released. Found this Press Release link on the bottom of their home page -> tinyurl.com/4gssbq

    I bought the guide and it has some good stuff in it. Looks like there are a few highway capable plug-in choices available today and they are not golf carts although they are more expensive then they should be.
    I would like to hear what you guys think of their web-site and the guide.

  6. RADScientist    Nov 06, 2008 00:51 AM    #

    Hybrid technology that incorporates batteries, an electric motor, a generator and a small, but traditional ICE (internal combustion engine) seems to be the wave of the near future. This gives us the ability to react spontaneously when issues come up when the battery isn’t fully charged in the car. This is more realistic of American lifestyle.

    Neil Young has partnered with H-Line Conversions out of Wichita, KS to convert older vintage cars into CNG hybrids. See www.voltsjournal.com.


  7. pinoy technology    May 03, 2009 23:19 PM    #

    I found your site from Google. any updates of your EV project this 2009.? your research seems fun.

  8. DC Power    Jul 27, 2009 04:02 AM    #

    Your articles are fun,interesting links. Please do keep posting your progress of your EV project. Good luck!