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News · 24 June 06


Site updates are going to be light to non-existant for a while folks. My father was checked into the hospital and the prognosis is not good. I’ll be traveling and in and out of communications for a while. Update: he passed away on Saturday.

Of course y’all should keep on plugging away and helping each other as you’ve been doing in the comments. Lots of great information being shared, which makes the site/community all the better.

I’ll leave you with a few treats.

The EV Calculator has been tweaked, tuned, and enhanced. Some of the notable changes include:

  • added DOD (depth of discharge) line item so you can approximate range scenarios of using only a certain amount of your battery. Typically with Lead acid we try not to use more than 80% DOD since the more DOD the shorter the overall cycle life of the battery. It defaults to 100.
  • fixed the IE bug (and a few others, I still highly recommend using Firefox)
  • Added a few batteries
  • Improved the page’s “memory.” It will now remember all of your settings and adjustments.
  • Added a button to Share your setup.

The last feature is my favorite. This allows you to send a particular vehicle setup to other people, or share it in the comments, the EVList, or on your own web site. It captures the current settings and creates a long URL that is pasted into an email for you. You can then email it, or copy the url elsewhere. Since some email clients wrap long urls (I plan to make shorter ones later, when I have time) I highly recommend using tinyurl.com.

As an example here’s a link to what I’m thinking of for Eve’s Setup.

If you paste these into comments I strongly urge you to use tinyurl and/or click the Textile Help link next to the comment form to learn how to make hyperlinks.

There’s probably some new bugs in the page as I’ve unfortunately haven’t had much time to test it.

p.s. The photo was taken by Dad when he was out visiting us a few years back.