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Quick Site Update · 29 March 06

RSS icon

I’ve added a new little tweak to the site: RSS feed for Comments.

If you are subscribing to this site’s feed through many of the RSS readers out there you might have noticed that sometimes it will show the comment count in parenthesis, i.e. (2). Now you can subscribe to the comments as well, to ensure you don’t miss out on all of the great information being posted there.

Look in the right menu bar, just at the bottom of the current comments, there’s a Comments RSS Feed link. Click/copy that into your favorite RSS reader.

To subscribe to the whole EVConvert site scroll to the bottom of that right menu bar and look for the Subscribe section.

If you prefer Atom drop me an email or edit the url to say “atom” instead of “rss”.

Mac Search

Speaking of features. A week or so ago I added an odd feature that, according to the site statistics, only 12% of you will ever see (me being part of that percentage).

For Safari users the search box is now like the search box within most Mac applications. It remembers your recent search queries (unless you choose to clear them) and has a nice, non-boxy look to it.

The image shows what it looks like in action. Kind of cool. No idea if it’s something that they’ve submitted to the standards body and might show up in Firefox soon. The chances of it showing up in IE are probably nil or less…

Comments 1
  1. jcwinnie    Mar 29, 2006 13:04 PM    #

    But, does that mean our comments now have to be clever? I’m feeling some performance anxiety, Jer.