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Site Features · 4 September 05

By the way, this EV weblog has a number of features and conveniences that my old EV site didn’t have (hey, it was started in 1995). Here’s a quick overview to make it easier to get around.

First off all of the entries are categorized. This makes it easy to quickly read all of the related posts. Choose a category from the Browse popup on the right side. For example all of the links that I publish are filed under the Daily Links category. The new EV conversion, Eve, will be found under My EV. Some entries will have multiple categories and I’ll probably be adding a few more. For example, when I install the controller the post would be under My EV and Controllers (a non-existant category at the moment).

At some point I’ll make a separate section where the new conversion is ordered chronologically from start to end, rather than the way weblogs usually order things, latest entry first. I’ll also try to put together an overall index for Eve’s conversion.

The Search box on the right should do what you expect: search all of the articles on the site. There are two links towards the top: RSS & Atom which makes it easy to subscribe to this site with an RSS reader. The functionality is also built into modern browsers, like Safari and Firefox.

During the first conversion I was borrowing cameras and had relatively low resolution images, plus most of us were on dial-up. Much has changed: I have my own camera, connection speeds have improved, and it’s easier to publish small thumbnail images with larger pop-up images for detail.

Of course, if you have questions or suggestions feel free to click the Contact link on the right to send an email.