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Site Stuff · 3 October 05

High Tension Line

A few web site notes.

First off thanks for the great comments! I’ve also been getting a lot of email, much of it from folks on the verge of starting their own conversion. Perhaps I should make a roster of people and what they are thinking of converting. Then, as they progress we can post progress marks, kind of like scratching the height of your kid on a wall over the years.

If you are in the start/middle/end of an EV conversion but don’t have a website to share your pics and knowledge drop me an email. I have a category on this website for other people’s conversions and would be happy to host the pictures and help to write up your project so you can share your hard work.

Speaking of write-ups, I finally put together the TheHowZone article on fixing our fridge. Hopefully something you won’t ever need to know.

Contrary to how it may appear (or by lack of posts, not appear) I am still working on Eve. There’s a couple of things rattling around my cranium at the moment: where can I get the engine compartment and tranny steam cleaned, and the bigger issue of batteries. Until the batteries are decided on I can’t really start doing battery layout, welding, or any of that fun stuff.