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Tools Update · 26 June 08

Just wanted to post a quick update about some changes to the EV Calculator. A number of readers were wondering how hard it would be to add driving cost to the computation and it turned out to be relatively easy.

So now, when working on an EV setup, you can add the kilowatt hour rate from the local power company, along with the typical commuting miles. Under the Range sections it will show the cost per mile at the various gears/speeds, along with the total cost of the commute. Of course this is still only approximate values, meant for “what-if” comparisons and rough analysis of EV setups.

I have the values default to the U.S. average as reported here and 20 miles for the commute. Follow that link to find the average electricity cost for your state (or pull out an old electric company bill) and give it a try.

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  1. — ALL    Jun 27, 2008 14:41 PM    #

    I’m glad you have got the EV itch back. I can certainly relate to little kids and amount of free time that you don’t have after having them.

    Anyway, I was looking at the EV calc, I wondered why you didn’t have a seperate varable for final drive ratio. It would great with anything rear wheel drive to see the effect of a ratio change/ transmission combo. Exp. You when comparing any of the 260 different WC T-5 transmisions running 2.23-5.50 gears. or any other 4-6 speed tramsmission. Many domestic and foreign front wheel drives have final gear ring options. So give it a thought, if you have time. I’m just putting an idea out there.

    Also have you ever looked at salvaged toyota Prius traction Cells. There is a growing suppply of them and they can be aquired at a fair price.

  2. dan baker    Jul 02, 2008 00:23 AM    #

    possible to reset evcalc? I was messing around altering details, and now the milage calculations seem to be WAY off even when I change major components. I am guessing that some value in the cookies is not resetting, but I can’t tell what. How can I reset it completely?

    ALSO…. can I suggest that you add a couple more typical batteries like the usb 8vgchcx ?

  3. — dravin    Jul 04, 2008 17:59 PM    #

    your ev calc is cool but it only covers the big toys….mine holds 35mph and gets about 120 miles per charge.. but your calc doesn’t cover 36 volt systems or common E-scooter motors lol

  4. — lurch    Apr 14, 2009 17:09 PM    #

    I Love your calculator Its great!! but is there a dumber version or spread sheet that you can enter motor HP or DC kw or curb weight? I have a 45VDC 9.4 Kw motor a 600 amp GE-EV-1 I want run at 96V to power a 2300 LB donor. Wanted to know if the motor can handle it. Thx