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Vacation · 10 June 06

VW Golf transmission link adaptor

We just got back this week from our (too short) vacation to California. It was GREAT to be somewhere that it didn’t rain around the clock. And, Sun, I’d almost forgotten what it was.

Saw a couple EVs and a bunch of Prius hybrids. At one point I was keeping track of how many Prius we saw vs. the new Ford Mustang. Along Hwy 1 the count was about even, being prime winding-road sports car territory, but once we were in city areas the Prius easily took a commanding lead.

For those interested, I’ve been posting some trip pictures on my weblog (starting June 2nd).

As for this photo? Well, when we got back to New Hampshire and I went to get the car out of hock (er, the parking garage) I couldn’t get the thing to go into reverse. Odd. Ended up pushing it out of the parking spot and then creeping forward as it also wouldn’t go into 1st or 2nd gear.

Turns out the left-right linkage of the shifter wasn’t working and this oddball plastic doo-hickey was the culprit. The VW parts guy knew exactly what I was talking about when I went in to buy it ($32). I guess it’s not an uncommon problem for late 90’s Golfs.

Still, it wasn’t much fun driving home on the interstate in 4th gear, 5mph below the speed limit (i.e. 15mph slower everyone else).

So we’re back in town, I’m catching up on EV related emails and catching up at work. Also renewed my efforts to buy a pack of EV batteries. The first attempt was jotting off an email to Valence to see about the price of their new lithiums. $1,500 for the 100ah 12v model. Each. $15,000 bucks for the ten I’d need. When you buy 50 or more you qualify for the quantity discount. I don’t know what the discount is but without four other folks to go in with me on the purchase (each with $10-15k to spend) it’s not worth checking/dreaming.

On the way home from work the other day I noticed an obscure Interstate Battery sign on the side of an old building. Went in to check (it’s a small electric motor repair shop…good to know) and found that he’s a local dealer. Interstate seems to carry a bunch of battery brands so perhaps I can get a good deal on a dozen.

Interstate Batteries

He wasn’t very familiar with the catalog, nor with the type of batteries I need, and suggested that I research on their website. Easier said than done. Some of the batteries brands and models are there, but many of them refer you to your local dealer for details. I’ll collect a few brands/models and go visit him on Monday.

Speaking of battery data, Google came out with a new online spreadsheet program and I was able to load up our battery chart into it. If you would like to be emailed an edit link, contact me with your gmail account and we’ll give it a shot. UPDATE: turns out I need to send an invitation for this to work, so send me your google mail address if you’d like one. If you don’t have a google mail account I have a bunch of free invites, drop me an email.

Oh, and I tweaked the site and put little Amazon ads on the right there above the comments. These are books and other items that you’ll also find on the resources page. Some of the emails I get have been asking about books for EVs so I figured this would make it easier to find. Of course I make a few cents each time a book is purchased. At the current purchase rate it will only take 60 years to have enough for those Lithium batteries!

That’s about it. What’s new with you?

Update: been meaning to post this for a while. If you are in the midwest for vacation you owe it to yourself to swing by and see Dr. Evermor. Those photos are from a visit about five years ago.

Comments 5
  1. — Ryan    Jun 11, 2006 22:33 PM    #

    You can get Optima batteries through Interstate:


  2. — Dan    Jun 11, 2006 23:56 PM    #

    I saw the lead photo and without reading further, I thought:
    1. Oh, Jerry has a VW.
    2. He must’ve broken that bafflingly plastic shift linkage part.
    3. I know his pain.

    Glad to hear you had a good vaca.

  3. Jerry    Jun 12, 2006 07:57 AM    #

    Thanks, Ryan, they are on my list.


    I agree, that is a truly bizarre part.

  4. Jerry    Jun 12, 2006 08:37 AM    #

    In case you haven’t noticed I added a small update at the end of this article: a link to pictures & info for Dr. Evermor. A tech/gadget/mechanical person’s type of vacation spot.

  5. — Gary V    Jun 12, 2006 11:05 AM    #

    Dr Evermor was featured on Rare Visions & Roadside Revelations at one point. In case you aren’t familiar with the show, they visit tons of crazy attractions like that. They even have a map on their site if you’re looking for stuff in a certain area. Quite entertaining if you’re into roadside attractions and the very motivated (sometimes borderline insane) people creating them.