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Welcome to the Electric Car Weblog. In addition to links, news, and tips about electric cars and other forms of alternative transportation we are publishing an on-line diary of our current EV project. Started in August 2005 the chronicle follows the conversion of a gas powered Ford Probe into an Electric Car.

You will find articles organized by categories, along with recent comments, along the right hand column of the website. If you are just getting started with the idea of converting a gas car to electric be sure to check out Your First Electric Car .

Welcome and enjoy!

Sir Forkenswift · 14 February 07

pot box installed

A brief update and a couple pictures from project Forkenswift.

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Joe's 280Z EV Pictures · 13 February 07

Control Board Bottom

Click on through to see an updated collection of images from Joe’s 280Z EV conversion…

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EV Projects · 30 January 07

Bob out for a drive

As the comments here and my email Inbox can readily attest there’s always quite a few EV projects in the works from all around the world, along with many other folks interested in taking on their own conversion or finding someone to convert a vehicle for them. I suspect when warm weather and higher gas prices return later this year we’ll see an even larger demand!

So I thought I’d share a couple of the photos from the Inbox.

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Joe's 280Z EV · 12 January 07

Controller and Electronics front view

Sitting in my overflowed mail queue from this summer and fall (resend emails if I haven’t answered yet) was a few nice in-progress shots of Joe Porcelli’s 280Z electric conversion.

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Yugo Greg, Part III · 27 May 06

Yugo Greg

Last we looked in on our intrepid electric Yugo-naut he was trying to resurrect a dying motor. Despite his near-super powers the motor had its mind set on an early retirement.

To help the cause we gave Greg a free motor (well, free except for the crazy shipping fees). He has been breathing new life into his Yugo EV since.

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De-Atomized · 22 May 06

Atom, side view

Back in January a surprise gift landed on our doorway: a homemade EV.

We’d just finished our new garage, had tons of free space, and suddenly another vehicle shows up to fill the space. Obviously we’d almost fractured some time-space garage continuum by having this clean spot. Or was it simply that not only does nature abhor a vacuum it also has a thing against clean garages?

That was Atom.

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EV Pusher · 12 May 06

Street Pusher



Hey, buddy!

Hey, yeah, you! You wanna buy an EV? Check out my suitcase here, I got all of the popular ones. Blue, red, black, white, and even some of them, whatcha call “off colors”.

And for you? Well, beings that I like ya I’ll let her go real cheap!

And then there’s the other kind of EV Pusher…

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Bob's EV · 1 May 06

Bob and his EV

A few days ago I posted a link to a story about Bob Hurst and the EV he made during the 70’s oil crisis.

As chance would have it his son ran across another part of this site a few days later and sent an email suggesting I post something about his Dad’s story.

We exchanged emails and James sent a few photos over for our viewing pleasure.

Update 5/1/06: added some more pictures

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