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I have heard that an electric motor is 8-10 times the actual hp rating. So therefore if I am replacing a 180 hp combustion engine I then look for a 22.5-18 hp motor?

Those are the same numbers I’ve heard. The size of the motor needed depends a lot on the size of the vehicle you are going to convert (i.e. weight & aerodynamics/efficiency) and what kind of performance you need out of it. A combustion engine rated at 180hp is probably what it was able to do only when mounted on dynamo without any other loads (ac, steering pump, etc..). Your day to day hp needs are significantly less

Plug the car into the EV calculator and see what kind of results you get for HP at the various speeds and gears.

The motor I use is an ADC FB-4001A, which has an average rating of 28 hp.

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  1. — Charles    May 02, 2007 11:52 AM    #

    Is this the same for AC motors as it is for DC?