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Future Crush · 29 January 06

Someone on the EVList posted a link to this full length video over at Google Video about the EV1 called Future Crush.

If you have a newer browser you should be able to watch it right here by clicking the play button, although I’ve heard that google video may not work for some countries. There are ways to work around it. If it doesn’t work here you can try heading over to Google Video and trying it there: Future Crush.

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  1. jcwinnie    Jan 29, 2006 14:20 PM    #
    Jer, that was vera, vera cruel. (sniff)

    0-60 in 4 seconds while driving by the gas station, I surely, don’t want that, uh-uh, no-way, nope, no-no-no
  2. — James May    Jan 29, 2006 15:37 PM    #
    It’s so frustrating. So much to do, so little time and so little action.
    I’m going out to tighten my terminals. If you need me I’ll be in the garage.
  3. — JohnG    Jan 29, 2006 17:02 PM    #
    That is a very interesting story (video).

    Although it should be no suprise that the “Big Three” would be involved in dis-information, the outright intimidation of dealers and their employees along with some media outlets is astonishing.

    Based on my own converstions with EV owners, I could not rationalize comments made specifically by Ford and GM that there “is not enough demand for these (EV) products” and comments that the vehicles were mearly test beds.

    Clearly this also applies to the Hybrids, for which Ford had often stated that there was no “real sustainable market” for. Now they are all scrambling to play catch-up with Toyota.

    The comment that the manufacturer would not make as much on parts and service sales as with a conventional vehicle was also correct, and I am sure a material consideration for the manufacturer. Currently the dealerships count on their service departments for a large portion of the business’ profits, should EVs be introduced that are as reliable as the EV1, the dealerships and manufacturers would have to find new profit centers.

    I have ALWAYS believed (as many Japanese do) that the long-term good outweighs the short-term return. We are seeing a very clear example of the short-term thinking of GM and Ford getting both into some very deep financial troubles. At the very same time, Toyota who looked far ahead, has been beating both at their own game for years now, and it looks like that trend will continue.

    Lee Iacocca said it best: “Lead, follow, or GET OUT of the WAY!”
  4. Jerry Halstead    Jan 30, 2006 17:17 PM    #
    Finally got a chance to watch the whole video (attention deficit, me?). Very interesting and nice to hear from the engineer.

    Mighty depressing, too.
  5. — Dan    Jan 30, 2006 21:52 PM    #
    Clearly the puppeteers of GM have no clue what they had. Instead they have the early 20th century planned-obsolescence thinking of GM management mated with the pro-BigOil narcissism of the 21st century. Both are competing to see who can be more barbaric and bad for America.

    The motor/controller technology getting away to AC-Propulsion reminds me of the VCR story. An American company (like RCA) came up with it but saw no market in it and gave it away to a Japanese co. (like JVC) who created a $50B industry in our own backyards. Duh.

  6. — Chris    Jan 31, 2006 03:22 AM    #
    Anyone have any ideas what kind of stuff that that guy was running on his VW? Was it all stock from a manufacturer or built by him?
  7. — JohnG    Feb 03, 2006 18:16 PM    #
    That was a manufacturered system from “Metric Mind” I think.
  8. — John Westlund    Feb 10, 2006 00:35 AM    #
    I do believe that VW had an AC Propulsion drive and a 336V pack of Optima D750 Yellowtop batteries. Range was about 80 miles, top speed ~90 mph with no transmission, and 0-60 mph in 7 seconds. Here’s a link: