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  1. — James May    Jan 30, 2006 15:43 PM    #
    Great links Jerry. I wonder if we’llbe able to get hold of those ultrabatteries for our aftermarket conversions.
  2. Jerry Halstead    Jan 30, 2006 17:23 PM    #
    Probably right about the time we start installing carbon fiber flywheels ”:^)

    Speaking of which, I’ve always thought the place for a big ol’ flywheel storage system is buried in my back yard: underground for constant temperature operation, feed it off-peak power and/or small scale solar or wind or hydro power. Should last a long time (hypothetically) and, on the off chance it “unravels” it is deep underground and presumably not a threat.
  3. — James May    Jan 31, 2006 06:25 AM    #
    and you can drop baddies into it like on James Bond.
  4. Jesse    Jan 31, 2006 10:57 AM    #
    A couple of issues with the 7 simple strategies: The article says that fiberglass bodypanels can often weigh more than their equivalent metal panels. That isn’t true unless you’re buying bling with all sorts of vents and silliness, or shopping at somewhere that isn’t a performance store. Generally people buy fiber panels because they are lighter. Also, a clogged air filter doesn’t affect mileage on anything that doesn’t have a carburetor or isn’t a diesel. Think of it this way: the throttle plate gives way more resistance than the air filter does, and the air resistance is what allows the engine to not race. All a dirty air filter does on a modern vehicle is make full-throttle act like a slightly closed throttle.
  5. Jerry Halstead    Jan 31, 2006 11:11 AM    #
    Thanks Jesse,

    Say, you wouldn’t have any links to favorite pro shops that might carry fiberglass/lighter panels for an old Ford Probe?

    I’ve looked around but most of what I find are goofy hood scoops.
  6. — James May    Jan 31, 2006 17:35 PM    #
    i found some fibreglass panels in a scrapyard for my mazda truck. They appeared to be homemade. from a cast ( probably woodframe supported fibreglass itself).
    When you think about it, it isn’t too tricky provided you have some mould release and the time.
  7. Seth    Feb 02, 2006 11:59 AM    #
    Thanks for the link.
    That “Jersey power” Company is a mile from my house. If they had a job for me, it would be faster to walk/jog than to ICE there