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  1. Jesse    Jun 19, 2006 15:26 PM    #

    Coincidentally, I’ve just started looking for a bicycle. I’m moving quite close to Boston, and figured it’s easier to bike somewhere than to drive and find parking. It’s also in the back of my mind to make it a Jesse-Electric hybrid for the longer trips :) Something that can be easily added/removed as needed.

  2. Jesse    Jun 19, 2006 15:27 PM    #

    D’oh, completely forgot the point: Anybody know a good place for bike info? I’m mostly after something cheap ‘n durable, good for pedaling around the city mostly, and exercising on occasion.

  3. — Robert Goudreau    Jul 09, 2006 10:43 AM    #

    What do you guys think of EESTOR,is it true ?