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Comments 3
  1. Greg A.    Nov 21, 2007 21:26 PM    #

    Great website. I love what you are doing with this website.

    I love to see ultracapacitors becoming more prevalent in electric vehicles as well as daily electronics. Its a beautiful thing.


  2. — Phil Feinstein    Nov 28, 2007 16:28 PM    #

    A TURBINE?!? Having worked for a few years on Mazda’s rotary, I can tell you that a turbine has a few more draw backs than benefits.

    First off, oiling is typically “Total loss”, which means you pour oil in at the top and it’s designed to lose oil out the bottom. Fuel economy is not a strong suit for a turbine. You might see some advantages by injecting Hydrogen or Methane, but running diesel or gasoline you burn through it in a hurry.

    I’d like to see this tested in a lab environment rather than the anecdotal evidence we’re getting. Especially if this guy’s an 8th grade drop out. This guy is either a mechanical prodigy the likes of which hasn’t been seen in 100 years or there’s a con involved.

  3. jerry Halstead    Nov 28, 2007 17:56 PM    #

    Or he’s talking jet turbine…

    He flings numbers around with great ease but there’s no scientific verification of the claims or his creations. Having some big names interested in purchasing from him doesn’t validate anything.