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  1. — Martin    Apr 28, 2008 14:36 PM    #

    Hi Jerry, Some years back, 2004 I think I went to a ‘green Car’ event at Ford’s UK proving ground near London. They had several Think City’s running around. From what I remember they had lead acid battery packs and appeared to be pretty quick. Not sure about range but it seemed to me they were an ideal city car. Shame Ford didn’t get more involved with the concept.

  2. — Michael Terry    May 08, 2008 21:29 PM    #

    I had one of the earlier versions of the Think City while Ford was leasing them. It had a NiCad pack, 52mph top speed and 50 mi range. The Car was great, we loved it. Unfortunately when the auto companies beat down the California Air Resources Board and lifted the zero emission mandate, ford took all the cars back and shut down the factory.
    Im glad they are back in production, and with improved batteries and range, speed. I’ll buy one.