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Ray's EV Motorcycle Schematic · 19 June 07

Ray's EV Motorcycle schematic

Ray passed along a schematic for his Electric Motorcycle a while back and it has been rotting in my in-box ever since. Sorry about that Ray. Click the image for a larger version of the schematic.

Looking it over the top section seems to be the safety cut-offs, although we either have an extra wire or are missing a part as it seems to be shorted across the DC-DC when the switches are engaged. Most likely the wiring is such that the Alltrax controller doesn’t get it’s 12vdc enable signal until the key is on, kickstand up, and the twist grip safety switch engaged.

He’s using a variable resistance twist grip to set the controller’s speed. On the other side of the controller is his “high” voltage section (48 volts) with a couple safety items: fuse to the motor and a circuit breaker from the battery pack. If he hasn’t already I’d also suggest a fuse on the inputs to the DC-DC, unless the DC-DC has a fused input.

Ray's EV Motorcycle partially assembled.

Also, way back in April, Ray sent along the following photo of his bike being assembled. This gives you a good view of the Alltrax controller (blue box in upper right), powersonic sealed lead acid batteries, and the motor with mount.

Thanks for the update Ray and sorry for being so tardy in posting it. If you have EV pics, schematics, and even a story or two you’d like to share be sure to drop me an email. I’ll try to be a little quicker in getting it posted here, especially once our baby starts sleeping more than 2 hours at a stretch!

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  1. John Harding    Jun 27, 2007 12:29 PM    #

    Hi Ray,

    I really like your design and packaging.

    Am I correct in thinking that you are running a chain from your Etek to the shaft with two cogs and then back to the rear wheel? This is a nice way to package the motor and leave more space for the batteries. However, are you concerned with safety? You’re going to be sitting practically on top of that motor – what if it goes POP?

    Also, how many batteries have you mounted? And what’s the voltage of each battery?

    I’d like to do a design with 6 12V batteries and a PERM motor at 72V.

    I might have also mounted the Alltrax the other side of the frame and cover it with a dummy tank.

    Good luck – and let us know how it works for you!

    All the best,
    John H.

  2. Ray    Jun 28, 2007 09:12 AM    #

    Yes John, that was a concern so I put in a piece of steel to help protect me but ater all I already have all the Kids I want ..LOL

  3. Ray    Jun 28, 2007 09:21 AM    #

    Sorry I forgot to put up this link as you can see I changed to a LEM 200 and I am running 12 batteries tied in threes for 4 X 12v@78Amp the Controler was put close to keep the wire run down but I may move things as I am adding a Albright Contactor I found some Major Errors in my Wire diagram to I will have to redo it to mathch what I have on the Bike now..

  4. Ray    Aug 07, 2007 22:15 PM    #

    Hi Jerry I finally posted it up. take a look