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Welcome to the Electric Car Weblog. In addition to links, news, and tips about electric cars and other forms of alternative transportation we are publishing an on-line diary of our current EV project. Started in August 2005 the chronicle follows the conversion of a gas powered Ford Probe into an Electric Car.

You will find articles organized by categories, along with recent comments, along the right hand column of the website. If you are just getting started with the idea of converting a gas car to electric be sure to check out Your First Electric Car .

Welcome and enjoy!

Gas Powered EV · 16 March 06

Trusselle Quad Sociable

I get an email from time to time which goes like…

Why don’t you add a lawnmower/weedwhacker/gas engine to your EV? Wouldn’t that help the range?

Well, yeah, it might…but it wouldn’t be an EV! And, hey, who said I needed more range? ‘:^)

Still, it’s a common enough question that we ought to talk about it a bit.

But first, an answer to the other emails: NO, I HAVEN’T DIED!

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Gas Hog Lincoln · 13 March 06

Hot Rod Lincoln

Time for something a little different.

Lee Hart has been a regular on the EVList, helping folks out with their electric car questions for years. Lee has even shared his design for an EV battery balancer with us.

Lee’s converted a few electric cars but he also does another type of EV conversion: converting songs, poems, and fables to be electric powered.

Today we head back to the 60’s for a little ditty I’m sure y’all remember…

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Wazzup? · 12 February 06

Super Ears

I’m still digging out from being away on vacation and also having a grand time with the new cold my nephews and niece shared while I was visiting. ”:^)

Before leaving on vacation I stopped at the local parts shop and picked up a new master cylinder and a set of replacement disk brake pads and drum shoes. Soon as my cold goes away and the garage warms up a bit I’ll be out there plunking away on the brakes. Not very exciting, so probably no pictures.

The mailbox has been filling up so I thought now is a good time to post updates on some of the other EV projects we’ve been following.

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Future Crush · 29 January 06

EV XRay View

Someone on the EVList posted a link to this full length video over at Google Video about the EV1 called Future Crush.

Click the continue link to watch it.

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Surprise! · 17 January 06

What is it??

I was out in the new garage installing a garage door opener when a horn sounded outside. Hmm, wonder who that could be?

Turns out it was my friend Brian and his brother, along with:

(said in your best game show host voice…)

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A Christmas Car · 20 December 05


by Lee Hart

Marley was dead; as dead as a doornail. Of that there can be no doubt. The death certificate said so, and Scrooge said so, and what Scrooge said was invariably true (or would become so with a few well-chosen phone calls). Yet the firm still bore both their names: Mobul-Exon, for Mobul Marley and Exonezer Scrooge. It remained the largest corporation on earth; wealthier than nations, mightier than kings. Marley and Scrooge had poured their lives and souls into it, leaving precious little for anything else.

But Marley was gone, and Scrooge had retired, ostensibly to enjoy a well-earned rest from the inexorable pressures of commerce. At least, that was his story for the gullible masses. In reality, he worked as hard as ever, applying his talents to activities best conducted discretely, unobserved by the prying eyes of the Commerce Department or the circus arenas of Senate subcommittees.

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Random Updates · 8 December 05

Outside temp, December 8th

Lessee, where was I?

Oh, right…

F R E E Z I N G ! !

We’re hovering around 5°F with a crunchy skiff of snow decorating the otherwise ice-crisped landscape.

Zeke and I have been walking to or from work four or five times a week (great gas mileage!) and the morning walks are always the toughest to brace for. Not for Zeke, of course, he wears the same outfit year round and you don’t see him writing weblog entries complaining about it. You also don’t see me standing in an ice-lined creek hoping someone will throw a stick in.


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Lists of Lists · 5 December 05

Santa EV List

It’s that time of year.

Time to make lists.

We’ve had a few folks wondering what needs to be taken out of the old donor car, what to keep, and what “new stuff” goes into making an EV. I’ve posted partial lists elsewhere but never a full, comprehensive list.

Not that these lists will be comprehensive right off the bat. I’ll probably forget things and everyone’s EV will be slightly different.

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