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Welcome to the Electric Car Weblog. In addition to links, news, and tips about electric cars and other forms of alternative transportation we are publishing an on-line diary of our current EV project. Started in August 2005 the chronicle follows the conversion of a gas powered Ford Probe into an Electric Car.

You will find articles organized by categories, along with recent comments, along the right hand column of the website. If you are just getting started with the idea of converting a gas car to electric be sure to check out Your First Electric Car .

Welcome and enjoy!

Tools Update · 26 June 08

Just wanted to post a quick update about some changes to the EV Calculator. A number of readers were wondering how hard it would be to add driving cost to the computation and it turned out to be relatively easy.

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Still Crazy After All These Years · 8 June 08

Still Crazy

First off, as a weak defense, most folks don’t plan to start a project and then have it delayed for a couple of years. But life comes at you in ways you can’t always control. You make the best of a bad situation, lemons to lemonade, etc…

All of that being said life is still crazy and yet I managed to get in a whole weekend of work on Eve.

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Your First Electric Car · 8 June 08

Leno in Baker Electric

As the price of gas soars so to does the number of folks visiting this web site. Perhaps you searched the web for electric car (EV) information and ended up here? Or maybe you’ve been checking in for years, the idea of a conversion tickling at the back of your brain. However you found us, welcome!

There’s a lot of information on this web site and not all of it is organized with the first time converter in mind. This article is meant to try and help organize the information you need along with providing a few pointers in getting started.

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