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Ray's EV Motorcycle Schematic · 19 June 07

Ray's EV Motorcycle schematic

Ray passed along a schematic for his EV bike a while back and it has been rotting in my in-box ever since. Sorry about that Ray.

Also mildewing in the in-box is a newer shot of the bike assembly.

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Baby Zane · 21 May 07

Zane, three days old

I’d like to introduce the newest member of our family, Zane. Zane popped into the world last Tuesday the 15th just after 5pm. He’s a healthy, happy little fella.

In EV news (yeah, sorry for the lack of updates: see first paragraph) our EV friend from Italy, Pietro Cambi, was featured in the countries largest newspaper. Here is the article (in Italian).

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LED Bargraph battery monitor - part 1 · 18 May 07

Melted Battery Terminal

Hello everybody,

About 6 months ago I wrote an article here . The idea was that I would be able to avoid my nemesis, unequalised batteries , and have early warning of bad connections like the one which caused this terminal failure in my car.


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Charging an Electric Car · 20 April 07

Automotive 12v batt charger schematic

Most of the time when someone considers converting a car to electric the last thing that probably springs to mind is the charger. The car itself garners the most attention since it’s the biggest and most visible aspect of an EV, followed by the motor. Somewhere down the list, after the batteries or controller, the charger choice lies.

Yet, for the health of the batteries, it’s the most important aspect of an electric car.

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Q & A · 8 April 07

As part of our Spring housecleaning I’ve started putting together an FAQ for the site. Many of the questions come straight from my email in-box (the names have been changed to protect the innocent!).

There are ten of them posted so far, more to come. If you have corrections or questions you’d like to see added be sure to drop me an email.

EVConvert FAQs

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